Our Committee


Stigma Enigma is a group of volunteers dedicated to increasing awareness and need of community involvement in dealing with mental illness All proceeds from our fundraising efforts go directly to Maryvale Adolescent and Family Services in Windsor-Essex. This assists Maryvale in hiring counsellors to help reduce their waiting list so that more youth can receive help.

Committee Members:

Dr. Patrick Smith, Pete Cusumano, Jenna Smith, Julie Davis, Darlene Kennedy, Mary Bondy, Christine Prymack,  Jane Meriano,  Shannon Fuhr, Charles Smith,  Karen Fosten, Jenny Letink, Rosanne St. Denis, Randy Semeniuk, Nancy Campana, Darlene Mascaro, Elenore Zanette, Shelley Conrad, Stacey Ditchfield, Alexander Colak, Josh Armstrong


Dr. Patrick X Smith
Dr. Smith has been a Windsor family physician since 1987. He graduated from the University of Toronto in 1983. He was a part-time emergency room physician at Windsor Regional, Collingwood General and Leamington General for seventeen years. He also worked for Windsor Regional Cancer Centre before starting his family practice.
Dr. Patrick X. Smith has been awarded the 2023 Carol Mueller Mental Health Champion award through the CMHA Wake Up, Speak Up event. Carol Mueller was born and educated in Windsor. She was the Executive Director of Alive! Canada and worked tirelessly to provide education about suicide prevention.


Dr. Smith and his family after experiencing some mental health tragedies, decided to create the Stigma Enigma Committee to increase awareness and community involvement in dealing with mental illness. This committee of volunteers provides mental health education and outreach to youth. Their mission is to reduce the stigma that inhibits many with mental health issues from seeking help; bring more mental health professionals to Windsor-Essex through the Sophie Smith Scholarship (awarded to a local doctor entering psychiatry); and to critically examine the overall funding of our mental healthcare system and work to develop and implement strategies for much needed future changes.