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    Face the Facts

    Research shows 3500 Canadians die by suicide each year and almost 800 are young people. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people age 10 to 24 after motor vehicle accidents.

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    Defeat the Stigma

    We strive to defeat the stigma that has bigoted people’s attitudes and fed the discrimination that many have endured. This is in the hope that people will feel comfortable talking about mental illness like any other disease.

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    Join the Cause

    Maryvale treats 700 teenagers annually and half of them are desperate for counseling. Mental health care is underfunded. Our goal is to have fundraising for mental illness reach the same high profile as cancer or heat and stroke.

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Increase awareness and need of community involvement in dealing with mental illness. Adolescent mental health treatment centres such as Maryvale suffer from years of underfunding. Senator Michael Kirby, Chair of the first Canadian Commission on Mental Health, puts it succinctly:

“Mental health is the orphan of the health care system. Children’s mental health is the orphan of the orphan”

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Stigma Engima

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A group of eighteen outstanding local citizens and former basketball players in Windsor Ontario have a goal; to raise awareness and reduce the stigma that inhibits most people with mental health issues from seeking help. We will provide funding to Windsor’s Maryvale Mental Health Centre, ultimately helping young people and families in the Windsor-Essex area suffering from mental health issues.

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