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    Meals for Mental Health

    Each $5 donation at these participating restaurants will go towards supporting Maryvale to shorten the wait-list so that more youth receive help!

    Stay tuned for more information & participating restaurants.

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Increase awareness and need of community involvement in dealing with mental illness. Adolescent mental health treatment centres such as Maryvale suffer from years of underfunding. Senator Michael Kirby, Chair of the first Canadian Commission on Mental Health, puts it succinctly:

“Mental health is the orphan of the health care system. Children’s mental health is the orphan of the orphan”

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Stigma Engima

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A group of eighteen outstanding local citizens and former basketball players in Windsor Ontario have a goal; to raise awareness and reduce the stigma that inhibits most people with mental health issues from seeking help. We will provide funding to Windsor’s Maryvale Mental Health Centre, ultimately helping young people and families in the Windsor-Essex area suffering from mental health issues.

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